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22 Jul 2019

9 instruments that you don't know

other/news 9 instruments that you did not know existed!


An Erhu, also known as Chinese violin, is a two-string stringed instrument. The sound box is usually covered with python skin. The Erhu has existed for more than 1000 years.


A Theremin is an analog synthesizer. It is played by holding your hand between two antennas and varying in distance without touching the instrument. The instrument has been around for 100 years.


A Hang is a percussion instrument. The instrument is played with your hands and consists of 2 scales that are often tuned monotonically. The instrument has only existed for decades.


A Bongolele is a percussion instrument. The instrument has the function of a bongo but resembles the body of a Ukulele. The Bongolele only existed for a few years. 


A Kora, also known as African harp, is a string instrument. The sound box is made of a pumpkin that is covered with the skin of a koen. The Kora has existed for hundreds of years.


A Balafon is a percussion instrument. The instrument is, as it were, a Xylophone in which are positioned under the wooden slat pumpkins that serve as resonators. The Balafoon has existed for hundreds of years.


A violin, also known as a trumpet violin, is a violin without a wooden sound box. The sound is amplified by a horn, which makes it sound much louder than a normal violin. How long the Violophone already exists is not known.


A Charango is a string instrument with ten strings. Originally the instrument was made from the back of an armadillo. The Charango has existed for hundreds of years.


A Didgeridoo, also known as Yaraki, is a wooden wind instrument that is made of a hollow branch or tree trunk. The Didgeridoo have existed for thousands of years.


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