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12 Jan 2021

Blackstar announce new ID:Core Stereo 10V V3 series

instruments Blackstar announce new ID:Core Stereo 10V V3 series

The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 V3 from the British company Blackstar is one of the most versatile amplifiers we have seen so far in its price range. This combo amplifier series of Blackstar is ideal for musicians who do not want to carry around heavy equipment but still want to be able to get a ‘real amplifier’ sound. 

With its various different voices and the possibility to adjust each voice and the three different effects (modulation, delay, reverb) that are linked to it, this amplifier gives you a whole bunch of opportunities to create and define your own sound in just seconds. For each effect, there are multiple variations (four per effect, which bring us to a total of 12 different effects) and all these settings can be saved to your own custom presets (up to six!).

What is so interesting about this third production of the ID:Core Stereo V3 is that Blackstar always sees room for improvement. The first ID:Core series was launched 7 years ago and after the V2 they even decided to develop an even more improved V3! The biggest difference between the V2 and older series compared to the ID:Core V3 is the new Cab Rig Lite technology that comes with the brand new Architect software (a replacement for the INSIDER software). Note that the Cab Rig Lite will only be available for the V3. Additionally, to the already existing MP3 line input the company has added a TRRS connection.

Also, keep an eye on the Benelux Facebook page for an interesting giveaway!

The full review will be published here on 28 januari!

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