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16 Jan 2019

Buying Native Instruments Maschine MK3, Mikro or Studio? Read this and make the right choice!

producer/hardware Buying Native Instruments Maschine MK3, Mikro or Studio? Read this and make the right choice!

Native Instruments has been on the road in recent years to become one of the largest hardware developers and most innovative player on the market internationally.
How they started to develop and release software in recent years, they have now also put impressive hardware on the market. With many companies, 1st versions are not perfect yet, but Native Instruments raises the bar by publishing directly with impressive instruments. 

In these three articles, we take you into the new drum computers/drum pads of Native Instruments that distinguish itself and is a controller in itself: the Maschine.

In the eighties, several drum computers came on the market such as Roland's. Native Instruments shows that they are taking a completely different approach and the devices are being developed into their own vision.

There are other older versions of Native Instruments, which we have not included in the list like the MK2.

The Native Instruments Maschine series (Maschine Studio, Maschine MK3 and the Maschine Micro).

Native Instruments Maschine Studio

The Maschine Studio is the largest in the family. It is the most comprehensive version that ensures that you can do everything with the controller yourself instead of continually using your computer mouse to perform actions. The most visible change is in the large jog wheel, so you no longer need a keyboard and mouse!

Read this article.

Price: € 689, -

Native Instruments Maschine MK3

After the Maschine MK2 was released there was soon a successor that was even better! The Maschine MK3, the basic model among the Native Instruments controllers, with an extensive display and tighter design.

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Price: € 569, -

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

The Maschine Mikro is the latest and cheapest version released by Native Instruments at the end of 2018. It is very cheap, which makes it attractive for beginning producers. There is also a lot of criticism of this variant because it would be too limited, but that has to do with the price of course.

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Price: € 239, -

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