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20 Mar 2018

Review: TPR Grimm Audio cable 'The perfect studio cable'

producer/hardware Review: TPR Grimm Audio cable 'The perfect studio cable'

Maybe you’ve already heard of it: the TPR Audio cables from Grimm, the cables that the Wisseloord studio in Hilversum is full of.

According to Grimm, the audio cables are developed from science, the design therefore specifically focuses on high RF immunity and low microphones. For studios, its obviously very important that good quality cables with a 'neutral' character are used, but also for the recording of different guitar tracks the cable lives up to its name.

A conventional jack cable sometimes gives a certain (unwanted) feedback during recording, both on the amplifier and directly plugged into the interface. With the audio cable from Grimm, there is no question of feedback anymore, the cable is simply not audible. It feels like there is no cable at all. As far as we are concerned, a high-quality cable for an affordable price.

The cable is available in different lengths with XLR, RCA and jack connectors.

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