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27 Oct 2016

Where do we look for inspiration?

other Where do we look for inspiration?

Where do we look for inspiration? To be creative we sometimes have to get active to find something, a moment, insight or a meeting to inspire us and make us motivated. We simply can not just expect it to come running to us every time.

Try to listen some new stuff

Try to listen to a style of music that is out of your comfort zone, where you kind of have to start from scratch. What’s the beat about? What’s the feel?

Challenge yourself, and try to seriously understand what’s appealing about this music to people. Sometimes when you force yourself to widen your horizon strange things happens…..

You can learn new rhythms, harmonization and attitudes within these styles, and it can even make you re-discover what you think you already knew…


Why not explore the club or studio on the other side of town? Or take a bus to the other side of your country? They might have a different style and approach than from where you live. Or maybe take a trip to another country? Here you are guaranteed to learn stuff about another country and culture and be exposed to a totally different approach, a different musicianship. You can also make connections you wouldn’t dream of and doors that otherwise would stay closed can open up for you. Dare and win as they say.

Other sources of inspiration

Actually, when you think about it, anything can inspire us really, a book with a funky plot. A movie that makes us feel something  (The build up of a movie could be the different parts of a song, intro, verse, chorus etc), a painting with amazing colors, a funny person we meet on the street every day. Challenge yourself to capture these things in beats, harmonies and melodies..

The opposite

How do you usually play or record your music? Try to mix things up a little. For example; say you usually record to a clicktrack, try and do it without it. Yes I know this is scary! But try, because, besides from you even being more free and relaxed in your performance, you might even improve your inner beat and metronome. Or let’s say; If you usually start with the beats/drums when you are composing,  try and start with the keys. This can help your songs and ideas to find their own unique identity, feel and sound.

It’s always tempting for us human beings to become lazy and do things the easy way, but with this mindset you can start to explore new dimensions of your own creativity.

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