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7 Jul 2020

Want to buy a Pioneer DJ Set? Read everything you need to know here!

djs/hardware Want to buy a Pioneer DJ Set?

Pioneer DJ is part of the Pioneer Corporation that sells and makes many different types of products. Pioneer has a number of parts including car entertainment, audio and video, DJ equipment and even bicycle parts.

But Pioneer may be well known to everyone for the DJ hardware they make. This is mainly due to the many controllers they have in the range and the CDJ-2000 which is standard in almost every club and is the standard among professionals.

In this article we will further discuss the possibilities of Pioneer DJ controllers!

Pioneer or another brand?

Pioneer has been the market leader for years for professional DJ controllers and also DJ controllers for beginners. Since vinyl is less used live, Pioneer has filled this gap directly with digital DJ controllers. In the beginning there were still a number of brands very competitive such as Denon and Numark, but around these brands it was quiet for a while regarding competitive products. Lately Denon is competing very well with Pioneer.

Still, there has been action on the DJ hardware market in the past 2 years, which is good! Denon has launched very good DJ controllers, including the Denon DJ Prime 4 and the DJ SC5000 controllers. These controllers are very extensive and ready for battle with Pioneer.

Well-known DJs like Laidback Luke have already switched to Denon because the controller has more options. However, you will notice that CDJ-2000 controllers are often present in clubs, so you should consider working with Pioneer or bringing your own set.

You can also practice with Denon at home and play in the club with Pioneer because Pioneer is often present in the clubs, but then you have a different interface and you may have to get used to it immediately.

So think carefully whether you want to work with another brand!

Pioneer DJ controller for beginners

Pioneer has not only made DJ controller for professionals but also for beginners, from a very interesting price! Check out some of the Pioneer DJ controllers below that are very good to start with.

The club standard Pioneer DJ controllers

The CDJ-2000NXS and DJM-900NXS are the club standard in almost every club worldwide!

Good alternative to Pioneer

- Denon, Hercules or Numark

Do you have any questions about Pioneer DJ controllers? Let us know in a comment below this article.

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